La Maison House of Aesthetics
Special Package Deals


Forever Young Treatment

Want to look years younger? Our Forever Young Treatment includes a Christina Forever Young Facial with the famous Sciton Forever Young BBL laser treatment.  The Forever Young facial incorporates a very unique anti-aging, peptide formula that actually mimicks the natural proteins found in your skin to help it penetrate deeply and effectively.  The Forever Young laser induces collagen and elastin production.  This ground-breaking treatment helps smooth out and prevent wrinkles, prevent sagging and reverse environmental damage.  You will be glowing!!


Price $700


Comodex Acne Facial and Laser Treatment

Have you had acne your entire life or is it just occurring because of wearing a mask… COMODEX contains potent active ingredients utilizing the latest technological developments and ingredients that are friendly to your skin. COMODEX treats symptoms of oily skin caused by hormonal imbalance, genetic predisposition, bacterial infections, together with poor hygiene, stress, and unhealthy nutrition, to mention only a few factors. 


The Acne BBL Laser Treatment kills the p. acne bacteria that lives in your hair follicles and causes breakouts.  Packaged together this is a power treatment for acneic skin!


Price $500.00


Wish Anti-Aging Facial and Laser Treatment

Have cranky menopausal skin, broken capillaries, redness, melasma? This power duo combines the Christina Wish Facial with the Sciton BBL Rejuvenation treatment.  Christina Wish is an exceptional anti-aging treatment for mature skin.  It slows down and reverses skin damage caused by hormones, the environment, stress, etc.   It actually boosts your body’s own natural aging mechanisms with natural ingredients.  Combine our treatment with Wish home care products and you will see smaller pores, smoother skin and improvement in overall skin quality. 


Price $700


La Maison Specialty Anti-Aging Facial and Halo™ Resurfacing Laser Treatment

Our specialty anti-aging facial combines the most amazing laser treatment on the market – the Sciton Halo™ resurfacing and rejuvenation laser.  This treatment combines 2 wavelengths to target your skin at the perfect depth for rejuvenation.  Our Wish anti-aging facial combines innovative ingredients that are based on Green Science.  Reduce age spots, decrease wrinkles and fine lines and get your glow back! 


 Price $1500