You Don’t Have To Let Ageing Happen Before You Get Treated By Jon A. Peet, M.D.

Most of us react to things that happen in our lives rather than preventing them. We pay attention to our roof only when it leaks. If we had maintained the roof throughout its life with small tasks, the leak could have been prevented.

Aesthetic medicine works much more effectively when prevention is performed. Why not do some basic skin care and prevention throughout your life in order to prevent needing major work in the future? This can be done easily with minimal commitment.

The Forever Young BBL (BroadBased Light) is just such a treatment. Receiving a 20-30 minute treatment once or twice a year can have significant impacts on your appearance and how you age. Don’t believe it? There is science to back it up.

A 2013 study by Patrick Bitters and Jason Ponzer in the Journal of Restorative and Aesthetic Therapy shows that ageing can be significantly delayed or reversed with a simple treatment regimen involving BBL. Fifteen study participants 38 to 69 years of age received BBL treatment once a year over an average of 9 years. Experienced aesthetic physicians were asked to grade photographs of participants pre and post treatment (they were not told which photos were pre or post treatment) and estimate the age of the skin being shown. The results were shocking.

The group averaged 9 treatments, meaning they aged an average of 9 years during the study. Results showed that despite 9 years of aging, the subjects skin looked 2 YEARS YOUNGER than when they began the study. This means that they actually looked better than they did before the study began, even though they aged an average of 9 years!

We are seeing very positive results like these in our patients as well and treatments are not just limited to the face. Depending on the degree of damage or ageing to an area, a package of treatments might be offered for the best results. We spend 20-30 minutes watching TV shows that we don’t even like. Why not spend 20-30 minutes once or twice a year with little to no downtime to keep your skin young and looking its best?

Come and join us for a consultation on the Sciton Forever Young BBL treatment. It is a great entry into light-based therapy for patients who have never had a treatment before. It also works well for the most seasoned aesthetic patients. It is never too early to start. Patients in their 20’s can keep themselves looking their best. Older patients can also shave off some years of ageing and damage.

See you soon,

Jon Peet, MD

Medical Director

La Maison House of Aesthetics

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