Why Everyone Wants Botox

by Jon A. Peet, MD

If I had a nickel for everytime we get a phone call to our medspa asking how much we charge per unit for Botox...I would be a rich man. Well, it would at least be enough to buy a delicious lunch from the Green Parrot next to our medspa.

Why do patients always want to know about Botox pricing? Marketing plays a large role. It is hard to look up almost anything in the aesthetics world and not find Botox mentioned somewhere. There are television ads and radio ads everywhere. It is also invariably the first aesthetics training most practitioners receive. Many practitioners do not extend their training much beyond this point. Therefore, it is promoted strongly within medspa practices.

To be clear, we perform a lot of Botox procedures at our medspa. It is an amazing product, along with all of the other neuromodulators available. However, there are countless other beneficial procedures that a patient can receive that would likely help them meet their goals more effectively; with or without Botox.

I had a lovely new patient come in the other day for a non-surgical rhinoplasty consult. She was in her twenties and looking to enhance her aesthetic. I performed her procedure and she was pleased with her experience. Afterwards, as I was cleaning her up from the procedure, she told me she also would like Botox in the future. I asked her to go through a series of facial expressions and I also examined her face at rest. I explained to her that she really did not need it.

WHAT??? We passed up a procedure at the medspa? Yes, we did. Sometimes you need to tell patients what they need, instead of what they want. I instead had a discussion with her about ways to maintain and enhance her lovely youthful appearance. We discussed homecare products, facials, Forever Young BBL laser, and microneedling with PRP or iPRF. The attempt here was to help perhaps prevent her from ever needing Botox in the future or reduce how much she would need.

The take home message here is to not rush into your aesthetics options. Chasing a Botox offer on Groupon or calling your local providers to find the lowest price on Botox might lead to an unsatisfying experience. Instead, spend some time educating yourself about the incredible offerings available in the world of aesthetics. Find a practice that takes a goal-oriented approach to enhancing your look, rather than a sales-orientated approach.

We are excited to get new patients in our Medspa and grow our brand. However, we want every new patient to become an old patient who stays with us over the years to receive care based on a relationship of mutual trust. Yes, we are happy to offer you Botox when you need it. Just keep in mind that there is so much more that can be offered to achieve your goals of looking and feeling your best.

We hope you will come and join us at our outstanding facility in the heart of Newtown, PA. If you are not sure what you need, just come in with a goal in mind. We will do our best to help you achieve it. COVID compliance is a priority at our facility, so rest assured you will have a safe experience.

We'll to see you soon,

Jon Peet, MD

Medical Director

La Maison House of Aesthetics

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