The Latest Trend in Skinare

by Victoria Rappaport, LMA

TikToc has started an excellent skincare trend - #RetinolSandwiching. The videos under this hashtag range from skin care influencers to dermatologists either explaining the method of the trend, the reasoning behind the trend, or what retinol is in general. This is not a new trend in the Aesthetics industry. In my 24 years, I have always advocated for this method.

The Benefits of Retinol

Retinol is a derivative of vitamin A that is best known for its anti-aging, acne and rosacea properties. Retinol decreases melanin synthesis while also aiding in skin cell proliferation, leading it to even skin tone and texture. It also exfoliates the skin and increases collagen production, which can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. On top of helping with aging, this ingredient has been known to aid with acne and unclog pores as well. Retinol is readily available in many forms today. Creams are the most irritating to the epidermis. Serums have a smaller molecule and therefore travels more deeply into the skin. There are products on the market now that contain retinol, moisturizers and anti-aging ingredients. This is #RetinolSandwiching. The retinol does it's magic while the mositurizers soften and deliver moisture to the skin. The antioxidants reverse the DNA damage caused by the environment and the sun.

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