Summer Safe Treatments For Your Skin

by Victoria Rappaport, LMA

Everyone seems to think that you can’t get skincare treatments during the summer. Well, I am here to tell you that with all the new technologies in skincare products and lasers that is no longer true. At La Maison we have the Sciton BBL laser for treating hair reduction, skin rejuvenation, sun or age spots, and skin tightening on any part of the body. The only caveat is that you cannot be sunburned.

And as for facials, you will absolutely adore the Christina Illustrious Facial for keeping age spots at bay. This completely CLEAN facial helps to turn off the melanin production in your skin. You will leave the spa absolutely glowing!

If you are between 20 to 40, the Forever Young Facial is perfect for you. With its unique bio-peptide formula, this facial reduces and prevents the symptoms of ageing skin. Forever Young delays and reverses environmental, hormonal, biological and stress related damage. Pair this with the Forever Young BBL treatment to maximize the benefits of firmer skin, tighter pores and even texture.

If you are menopausal, the Christina Wish Facial is for you. The innovative ingredients in Wish slow down and reduce skin damage. You will see an immediate increase in hydration of the eye and neck area, 44% reduction of wrinkles, lightens, smoothes and evens skin texture. In addition, the Wish Day Cream protects skin from harsh UV rays and environmental pollutants.

And then there’s always the favorites – Botox, Juvederm, Restylane Kysse, Microdermabrasion and Dermaplaning.

Have some big events this summer? Come in and see the skin care experts at La Maison to look and feel your best.

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