PRP For The People

PRP for the People

by Jon A. Peet, MD

The mainstay of aesthetics treatments continues to be neurotoxins (Botox, dysport, etc.) and fillers (Restylane, Juvederm). They are highly effective treatments that produce great results. They also offer an opportunity for a broad variety of aesthetic/healthcare providers to offer services. We are seeing a growing trend of clients coming into our clinic asking for just such treatments. Most of these clients share that they want to start maintenance treatments on the earlier side to delay or slow the effects of aging. I absolutely agree with this sentiment, but there is much more in the aesthetics world than neurotoxins and fillers; I would like to introduce you to one of my favorite treatments called Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP).

Nerd alert! We are going to briefly discuss some of the history and science behind PRP. Briefly put, PRP is a term used referring to whole blood which has had the red blood cells removed and the plasma portion refined in order to produce a higher than normal amount of platelets and some white blood cells. In the 1970’s this technology was used to treat thrombocytopenia (not enough platelets) by giving patients transfusions of concentrated platelets. The utility of PRP was realized by many branches of medicine in later years from heart surgeons to orthopedic surgeons. Around the 2000’s PRP entered the aesthetics world.

So, why do we use PRP for aesthetics? Simply put, it’s all about regrowth. When we get a cut on our skin, damaged tissue and blood releases chemical signals that activate stem cells and tissue to begin a process of growth to fill the cut. Brand new elastin, collagen, and numerous other highly prized proteins in the aesthetics world get produced in abundance. How does this happen? Chemical growth factors. Most of which mankind has not had the ability to reproduce artificially. That’s OK though, because we have everything we need inside of our own blood. PRP provides essential growth factors that allow us to rejuvenate tissue and turn back the clock.

Want to turn back the hands of time?Come in for a complimentary consultation.

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