by Jenna Ponticello, LMA

“I AM GOING TO HOLD A WHAT, TO WHERE?” I shriek, as my boss sat me quietly in the back room attempting to teach me how to Dermaplane. “Its a surgical 10 blade scalpel, the same kind they use to cut people open for surgery” she calmly responds to my panicked question, all while my my eyes widen. “And I’m going to be scraping peoples faces with this?” I ask anxiously and yet oh, so very much intrigued; All the while she’s gently pulling my arm toward the blade at a perfect 45 degree angle. “And their necks” she responds. “Here, let me show you”

It only took about 5 minutes until I realized I more than likely have the hairiest arms in the Bucks County area, But thats a story for another day. Nonetheless I couldn’t believe all the hair, dead skin, dirt, and lord only knows what else was scraped off in that 5 minutes. Now imagine a full service? Needless to say, I was hooked.

“ Stop at the local market on your way home and grab a peach to practice on and scrape the fuzz off. When you slice the peach, you slice your client, take note of your angle when that happens” Well don’t you just know I went full Edward Scissorhands on my first peach, I’m telling you guys, I couldn’t even make cobbler out of this bad boy, it was a true slice job. However, that second peach, that was flawless. Not just flawless because It didn’t slice, but flawless because my grip was comfortable, my timing was impeccable, my confidence was right where it should be; which is knowing one slip I can scar someone. Cautious, yet confident if you will. I can honestly say all my mistakes from my first peach, absolutely made me crush my second peach. Metaphorically speaking, Anyway.

The rest of my left arm, and 3 of my fiancés knuckles later, I had this. My angle was secure. My grip was just loose enough, and my confidence well, thats right where it should be. I can’t wait to do this on a client! I thought. Then it hit me, why am I going to suggest a client to get this done? What is the sole purpose of getting dermaplaned? Yeah of course its fun for me, but how does it benefit my clients? Down the rabbit whole I went.

Everyone hates those vellus hairs on their face and dermaplaning gets rid of those. Not only does it give your skin a silky smooth feel, it also allows makeup application to look even, and give you a natural glow; but did you know those vellus hairs carry bacteria which can cause you to breakout? Dermaplaning gets rid of those, not only scraping those hairs and that bacteria away, but also the outer most layer of the skin. Allowing this to be one of the best forms of exfoliation available. After scraping the skin, the pores are now open for up to four hours. This is the perfect time to followup with a facial. All of those products are going to sink that much deeper into your skin allowing both your skin, and the products to have optimal results. It is also 100% safe for pregnant woman. Once you are pregnant you have to stop using a lot of medical grade products. As if growing another human being inside of us isn’t exhausting enough, now are forced to give up our products? Stop in La Maison to keep those bacteria filled vellus hairs, dead skin, wrinkled look away. Let us give you your natural glow back. You deserve it!

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