Hello, may I introduce myself?

Updated: Apr 12

By Lisa R. Johnson, LMT

Holistic Arts Practitioner

Licensed Massage Therapist

My name is Lisa, I am trained in energetic healing, formally trained as a Shiatsu Practitioner in meridian-based therapies. I am also a PA Licensed Massage Therapist, practicing since 2013.

I am aware from my own life experiences, each of us has the ability to change; what we think and feel can, at times, create or maintain barriers. We all need more self-love, self-compassion, patience and acceptance.

I became aware of how the challenges I experienced during my childhood were affecting me, my life. I was guided into the ancient and diverse world of energy-based healing and was introduced to cultures and modalities teaching how to heal the mind and body. As I explored these ancient teachings, I started to see changes in myself, my thinking, my emotions, and my reactions. My goal is to share this knowledge with others. I put myself through Shiatsu and Massage schools, and 4 years later I emerged as a Practitioner and LMT.

I continue to seek experiences and knowledge to assist me on my life’s journey of self-awareness, self-healing, and self-discovery for both personal and professional growth. I would like to help those who come to me to be more present in the moment and their body, to be more mindful of their thoughts and emotions, and for any tension, stress or discomfort they are experiencing to be relieved or reduced. My overall intention is for them to feel safe, loved and honored. My clients have reported feeling deeply relaxed, a calming of their emotions and mind chatter, as well as relief or lessoning of stress or discomfort, they feel an overall sensation of peace and balance after sessions.

Change your thoughts, change your emotions, change your life.