Men's Treatments

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Men's Treatments

Brotox and dySPORT

Have those annoying lines around your eyes and forehead that show your age?  You don’t have to have them anymore.  Botox and Dysport can be your best friend take them away and everyone will think you have been on vacation. 

Chisel the Jawline

Want your jawline to have that chiseled look.  We can do it.  We use either fillers or a laser, depending on your needs. 


Don’t Sweat It

Have an issue with too much underarm sweating?  How about sweaty palms or the soles of your feet? No need to be embarrassed anymore. 


Tailored To Fit Facial

We analyze your skin and tailor the facial to fit you.  We always provide personalized service and products to fit your skin type.  Facials are 1 hour long, not including the consultation. 


Lunchtime Lift

Want to perk your looks up but don’t have a lot of time?  Give us a half hour to an hour and we can refresh your looks.  We have several different treatments.  The consultation is free. 


Executive Facial

Get the works with our Executive Facial.  This facial includes a Hydrafacial with a mask tailored to your skin type.


The Time Machine 

Halo Laser skin firming treatment with PRP to restore your youthful skin.


Restore Your Roots

Hair restoration with PRP and microneedling using hair stem cell serum.


No More Stubble 

Any form of Hair removal you would like – laser, IPL or waxing. 


Dads Day Off Dad’s

Choice of facial or massage.  Facial package includes men’s facial with botox, massage package includes massage with backial. 



Choose treatments of your choice to enjoy with your bros.


Looking Sharp Eye

Brow wax and trim.


Fine Tuning 

Facial with microdermabrasion.

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