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Beautiful Skin requires a commitment, not a miracle.
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SkinWave is an amazing (and popular!) skincare treatment.  Add this on to any facial for glowing, healthy skin. First, it cleans out your pores with a salicylic acid serum.  Next it does a light chemical peel with AHA's and BHA's. The amazing thing is that you won't peel! End this treatment with a healthy Hyalauronic acid serum, microcurrent and lymphatic drainage treatment.  The Skinwave can be cocktailed to your specific skincare needs. Treats any skin type.  50 minutes | $170

Key Benefits of the Skinwave

Hydrogen Therapy

Skinwave’s aqua-delivery system includes a unique Hydrogen therapy step utilizing water infused with Hydrogen. The high concentration of Hydrogen reacts with active Oxygen in the skin that is linked to drying and aging. The Hydrogen bonds with the Oxygen to form bound water molecules that are then extracted via the radial tips. This unique Skinwave step provides antioxidant and moisturization benefits as well as reduces inflammation.


Target Skin Concerns

Three nutrient-rich solutions optimize skin revitalization. Skinwave infuses deep into the skin Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) and Hyaluronic Acid to address top skincare needs: exfoliating, oil control and moisturization. Dial-up the volume of one of these solutions to offer a more customizable treatment.

Common Benefits of Skinwave’s Solutions:

  • Alpha Hydroxy Acid: AHA’s exfoliate dead skin cells and serves as a mini peel to brighten and smooth.

  • Beta Hydroxy Acid: BHA’s deeply cleanse pores and helps regulate oil.

  • Hyaluronic Acid: Best known for its hydration properties to soothe inflammation and moisturize skin.

These solutions are customizable and deep-cleansing.


Multi-Dimensional Experience

Two additional handpieces on the Skinwave round out this multi-dimensional aesthetic treatment. Electrical pulse hand-piece open pores to maximize solution absorption with red and blue LED light for targeted treatments. Double-lifting handpiece activates lymphatic circulation, provides muscle relaxation, skin tightening and lifting effects. These extra steps round out the ultimate Skinwave facial.


The Skinwave is great for:

  • Skin Revitalization

  • Tone & Brighten

  • Cleanse & Exfoliate

  • Oil & Acne Control

  • Hydration

Yoga Practice

Luxury Skin Care by Professionals

La Maison Luxury European Facial

Luxury European facial complete with our Master Aesthetician. This facial is performed with exclusive European products and provides expert skin analysis, microdermabrasion, facial massage, extractions (if necessary), microcurrent,  and mask. You will leave our spa feeling totally relaxed and refreshed, and your skin will be clean and renewed. You'll be glowing!  90 min | $250

La Maison Taste of Luxury Facial

Try a relaxing facial and sample some luxurious products we offer in our beautiful spa! Intended to introduce you to our facial services, the Taste of Luxury Facial will make you glow, relax your mind and body, and produce results that will make you want to come back for more.  50 min / $125

YonKa Paris 

La Maison is proud to offer a new skincare line in our spa, YonKa Paris. This skincare line is committed to responsibly-sourced, natural and organic ingredients that use plant botanicals to balance and improve your skin's natural barrier.


Aromatherapy relaxes and balances the senses and allows ultimate relaxation. YonKa offers exceptionally-performing anti-aging products that include several patents in their Excellence Code Line, which we include in our luxurious Excellence Code Facial. Choose from one of our YonKa facials below.

YonKa Aromatherapy Facial

You already know that removing makeup at night, proper cleansing and a good skin care regimen are the foundation for healthy and beautiful skin. Now let’s take that mindset one step further… Regular facials can play a vital role in removing impurities and deep cleansing pores while imparting radiance and vitality.

For the ultimate cleansing indulgence, we recommend the YonKa Aromatherapy Facial. This uniquely customizable facial is 70 minutes long and features Yon-Ka’s multi-step deep cleansing system and signature aromas that will entice your senses and relax your mind and body.  70 min / $150

YonKa Excellence Code Facial 

The Excellence Code treatment is a global anti-aging treatment designed to deliver exceptional care of the face and hands. This treatment features exclusive high-performance techniques and professional-grade Yon-Ka products to repair and rejuvenate mature skin. You’ll receive a premium anti-aging facial with Yon-Ka exclusive techniques including balancing energy points, firming and lifting care, and a premium biocellulose mask for the face, and hand care. The skin will be left looking smoother, brighter, firmer, and re-energized. 70 min / $170

Christina European Skincare

Christina European Skincare comes to us from Israel.  Combining advanced science with powerful traditional botanical ingredients for optimal results.  You will love your skin and leave with a glow!


Christina Wish Facial

Wishing for that glow again? Wish is an anti-aging treatment for mature skin that slows down and reverses skin damage. Wish boosts the body’s natural anti-aging mechanisms with its rich blend of active ingredients. Wish professional treatments ensure real, long term improvements in skin quality, for a younger, brighter, smoother and even-toned looking skin.  70 min | $170

Christina UnStress Facial

Unstress is a unique treatment that soothes and prevents stress-induced skin damage. Unstress utilizes proven bioactive agents to provide DNA and cell membrane protection, reducing skin vulnerability caused by environmental and personal stresses. Unstress treats premature aging and restores the skin to its healthiest state by boosting the body’s natural immune system and defense mechanisms.  70 min | $170

Swiss Line Skincare 

La Maison is proud to offer this high-end skincare line.  These Swiss Line Skincare facials are truly luxurious and relaxing, with science behind it that will change your skin. 

Swiss Virtual Surgery 

This treatment boosts skin cell regeneration and cell turnover.  A great addition to your laser treatment. 70 min /$170.00

Swiss Lifting Infusion 

This treatment for face, neck and decollete helps to plump and fill in lines and wrinkles.  Fortified with a highly concentrated combination of marine collagen and hyaluronic acid, the treatment increases moisture retention, stimulates fullness and firms the skin. 70 min /$170.00

Swiss Bright 

Powerful brightening and de-aging actives help to treat and prevent skin discoloration resulting in unsurpassed brightening, glowing and toning skin results.  70 min /$170.00

Swiss Smart

Quick and to the point, this fully personalized treatment uses the brand's signature collection of Age Intelligence Boosters!  Especially designed for skin that needs an instant "destress" of any kind.  It's a smart and fast way to look your best.  70 min /$170.00


This procedure improves the skin’s appearance and makes it feel softer and smoother. In addition, microdermabrasion can reduce the appearance of fine lines, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, age spots, prominent pores, hyperkeratosis (overgrowth of the horny layer of the skin), and other skin imperfections. This treatment is a safe and effective form of gentle exfoliation using inert aluminum oxide crystals.

Combine this with any facial.  20 minutes | $50


Dermaplaning is a procedure that gets the "fuzzies" and the dead skin off of your face.  This is performed by a trained and qualified aesthetician who uses a surgical scalpel to gently scrape the dead skin and hairs off your face.  Your face is left feeling smoother so that your products work better and your makeup goes on better. 

Quick Pick Me Up Treatment

This 50 minute treatment consists of dermaplaning, enzyme peel and specialty mask to leave your skin smooth and soft.  50 minutes | $150

Dermaplaning and a Facial

Book a luxurious facial with dermaplaning to smooth out your skin and get rid of the fuzzy hair and dead skin.  Dermaplaning will actually help the products to work better in your skin!  You will have baby soft, glowing skin! Just a $50 add on to any facial.