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Carol Cheshire, LMA, PCA

Licensed Medical Aesthetician, Permanent Cosmetics Artist

Carol Cheshire has been in the Permanent Cosmetics Industry for over 20 years.  She is a talented permanent cosmetics artist and aesthetician.  Carol specializes in scalp micropigmentation for both men and women.  Her clients love her!  Carol is the owner of Always Pretty Salon and Spa but takes time out of her busy schedule to come to La Maison to perform permanent cosmetics for our clients.  If you're despondent about hair loss of the brows or head, make an appointment with Carol today.  

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Carol's Reviews

" So...I think that it’s okay to get a little help with feeling good and looking better. Properly enhanced eyebrows can take years off your face. Evidence of quality service is a return service. March 2017 after doing thorough research I chose Carol for permanent eye liner. I was thrilled with the experience and result. November 2018 I returned to have my eyebrows done. Again, I was thrilled with both the experience and the result. If you are interested in permanent make up - do your research and you will find just like I did - that Carol’s experience and results are just what you are looking for. Thank you Always Pretty Salon in Coopersburg. "

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Johanna Lynn
Nashville Faces

Johanna comes to La Maison to perform permanent cosmetics.  Formerly owner of Le Masque in Newtown, she specializes in microblading, areola pigmentation, and permanent cosmetics of the eyebrows, eyeliner and lips.  She is a licensed aesthetician  and permanent cosmetics artist.  Many of her clients from Le Masque come to La Maison to see her.  Licensed Tattoo artist in TN. Certified Permanent cosmetic artist for all facial areas. Certified in Microblading. Certified in Areola repigmentation. Licensed Esthetician in TN, CA and PA for over 30 years.

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